by - November 13, 2019

If you know me, you know that I have a serious obsession with beauty products and that includes hair and skin care. There is an extended list of things I can't live without but only 10 than I really can't miss as my 10 daily neccesaries. Yes, that's right, necessaries. Girl, I can't live without moisturizing my skin unless you want to see me ashy. And this is how moisturizer came to be


Skincare is serious business and I mean serious like breakfast in the morning. Moisturizing my skin with coconut oil is by far the best thing I have ever discovered on the internet besides those delicious cheesecake recipes and I baked for my husband. I moisturized my skin after taking a warm shower. Of course, you can use coconut oil for more than moisturizer HERE IS A LIST of things you can use coconut oil for.


Protecting my skin is one of my main priorities and that is why sunscreen is so important. I applied sunscreen even when the sun is not shinning. I used this "Neutrogena Aged Shield Face" all year round. (CLICK HERE to get product online)


Taking care of my skin after a long day is my "me time". To me is very important removed all of that makeup and excess oil on my skin if I want to prevent acne from hapenning. I have really sensitive skin and by far this cleanser by "Youth to the People" is the best. No burning sensation, no dryness and smells amazing. I used this cleanser day and night.


Down to real business again. This face mask is my go to mask because is the best. What you are reading on that label is not false advertisement. It really cleans your pores down to the last little bit of dirt. 


I think we all have those days when we cannot wash our hair and this dry shampoo helps be to refresh my hair is a matter of seconds


Call me crazy but I think mascara can really make a difference. I'm not that lucky or blessed to have those super long voluminous eye lashes so I have to use mascara and this " Wonder 'Luke Volume Mascara" is also one of my favs. 

#7 lipsticks

Nude lipsticks are my obsessions. You can't never to wrong with a nude or natural lip color. 


Perfume is more than smelling good, clean or fresh. It's "my statement". Perfume is one of those things that a just can't missed. 


You can catch me going out without makeup foundation, blush, concealer but never without doing my brows. This brow pomade by "NYX cosmetics" is so easy to blend so my brows can be ready for action. 


Girl, I'm not lying if I tell you that I always bring a nail file with me in case I chipped a nail. There is nothing worse than broken nail and nothing to fix it with.



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